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darktable page lede image

8.3. Lighttable

color manage cached thumbnails

If activated darktable generates thumbnails in a general color space (AdobeRGB) in order to render them independently of the individual monitor. Conversion to the monitor color space is done at display time. If this option is not activated thumbnails are directly stored in the specific monitor color space valid at generation time and are subsequently displayed without further corrections (default on).

don't use embedded preview JPEG but half-size raw

Check this option to not use the embedded JPEG from the raw file but process the raw data. This is slower. (default off).

number of folder levels to show in lists

The number of folder levels to show in film roll names, starting from the right (default 1).

sort film rolls by

Set the collection list order for film rolls.

sort collection recent to older

Changes the default collections list for folders, times and dates to run from recent to older.

high quality thumb processing from size

If the thumbnails size is greater than this value, it will be processed using the full quality rendering path which is better but slower (default 720p).

delimiters for sizes categories

Sizes categories are used to be able to set different overlays and css values depending of the size of the thumbnail. Set here thumbnails sizes delimiters, separated by "|"

For example, "120|400" means 3 categories of thumbnails : 0px->120px, 120px->400px and >400px

pattern for the thumbnail extended overlay text

If enabled adds additional information to the thumbnail under the mouse cursor: image name, exposure time, aperture, focal length, ISO value (default off).

pattern for the thumbnail tooltip (empty to disable)

Define the pattern for the thumbnail tooltip. Empty it to disable thumbnail tooltip. As for previous pattern, several pre-defined variables can be used as placeholders. See Section 10.4, “variable substitution” for an exhaustive list of available variables.

use single-click in the collect panel

(default off). In single-click mode, you can select range of value directly with the mouse.

expand a single lighttable module at a time

Controls how lighttable panels are expanded. If this option is enabled, expanding a panel by clicking collapses any currently expanded panel. If you want to expand a panel without collapsing the others you do so with Shift+click. Disabling this option reverts the meaning of click and Shift+click (default off).

scroll to lighttable modules when expanded/collapsed

With this option enabled the lighttable side panels will scroll a module to the top when it is expanded or collapsed (default off).

rating an image one star twice will not zero out the rating

Normally clicking a one star rating twice will set a zero star rating to that image. When checking this option a second click on a one star rating will keep that rating (default off).

show scrollbars for central view

Defines whether scrollbars should be display in central view.