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variable substitution

10.4. variable substitution

darktable supports variable substitution in a number of modules and preference settings. For example:

10.4.1. available variables

Due to the specifities of some context, some variables are not available everywhere.

$(ROLL_NAME) roll of the input image
$(FILE_FOLDER) folder containing the input image
$(FILE_NAME) basename of the input image
$(FILE_EXTENSION) extension of the input image
$(ID) the image id
$(VERSION) the duplicate version (see Section 2.2.7, “Sidecar files”)
$(VERSION_IF_MULTI) same as $(VERSION) but null string if only one version exists
$(VERSION_NAME) version name from metadata
$(SEQUENCEn) a sequence number within export job, 4 digits if n is not specified
$(JOBCODE) internal code of current job
$(MAX_WIDTH) maximum image width to limit within export session
$(MAX_HEIGHT) maximum image height to limit within export session
$(YEAR) year at date of export
$(MONTH) month at date of export
$(DAY) day at date of export
$(HOUR) hour at time of export
$(MINUTE) minute at time of export
$(SECOND) second at time of export
$(EXIF_YEAR) Exif year
$(EXIF_MONTH) Exif month
$(EXIF_DAY) Exif day
$(EXIF_HOUR) Exif hour
$(EXIF_MINUTE) Exif minute
$(EXIF_SECOND) Exif second
$(EXIF_ISO) ISO value
$(EXIF_EXPOSURE) Exif exposure
$(EXIF_EXPOSURE_BIAS) Exif exposure bias
$(EXIF_APERTURE) Exif aperture
$(EXIF_FOCAL_LENGTH) Exif focal length
$(EXIF_FOCUS_DISTANCE) Exif focus distance
$(LONGITUDE) Longitude
$(LATITUDE) Latitude
$(ELEVATION) Elevation
$(STARS) star rating (number)
$(RATING_ICONS) star rating with stars chars
$(LABELS) colorlabels (text only)
$(LABELS_ICONS) colorlabels with bullets colored chars
$(LABELS_COLORICONS) colorlabels with colored icons
$(MAKER) camera maker
$(MODEL) camera model
$(LENS) lens
$(TITLE) title from metadata
$(DECRIPTION) description from metadata
$(CREATOR) creator from metadata
$(PUBLISHER) publisher from metadata
$(RIGHTS) rights from metadata
$(PICTURES_FOLDER) pictures folder
$(HOME) home folder
$(DESKTOP) desktop folder
$(USERNAME) user name as defined by the OS
$(OPENCL_ACTIVATED) whether OpenCL is activated
$(TAGS) tags list (Xmp.dc.Subject)
$(CATEGORYn(category)) tag name of level n [0,9] of selected category (or tag)
$(SIDECAR_TXT) content of the sidecar textfile if any
$(NL) add a new line