darktable page lede image
darktable page lede image

6.2. Uso

The slideshow view is in an early stage of development with a basic set of features.

+ or Up increase delay between each image
- or Down decrease delay between each image
left-click or right or Shift+right switch to the next image of the collection
right-click or left or Shift+left switch to the previous image of the collection
spacebar start and stop auto-advance mode which automatically switches to the next images every five seconds by default.
ESC leave slideshow mode and return to lighttable view

Depending on the complexity of the history stack and the power of your hardware, processing an image with high resolution can take a significant amount of time. darktable prefetches the next image in the background in order to minimize latencies. If you still experience long delays when switching between images or if you intend to quickly advance in your collection consider to disable the option «do high quality processing for slideshow» which gives a much higher processing speed at the expense of a possible slight loss in quality (see Sezione 8.5.2, «presentazione»).