darktable page lede image
darktable page lede image

3.3.9. Modules order

Modules order at the bottom of the right panel is used to show the current pipe order used for the edited picture. It is also possible to change the order of modules using one of the predefined presets or by creating new presets.

By default darktable come with two presets:

legacy This is the legacy module order used by by darktable up to version 2.6.
v3.0 (default) This is the new module order which has been introduced with version 3.0 and has been made the default. This new module order has been designed to give better rendering of colors and in general better quality.

As for most modules it is possible to create presets. The new preset will register the current module order of the pipe. This module order can then be selected to edit other images. Note that the module order can be copied from one image to another when copying history and can also be recorded as part of a style.