darktable page lede image
darktable page lede image

3.3.10. Gruppo moduli

Il pulsante gruppo moduli permette di accedere rapidamente ai moduli di sviluppo di darktable. Panoramica

The first group is always and contains modules you have activated and are using on the current image.

Next groups content are defined by the choosen preset.

Cliccando sul simbolo di ogni gruppo è possibile visualizzare l'elenco dei moduli appartenenti al gruppo stesso. Cliccando di nuovo sul simbolo del gruppo viene disattivata la funzione di raggruppamento pertanto verrà visualizzata una lunga lista di moduli disponibili. La lista dei moduli è ordinata con la stessa sequenza che darktable utilizza per applicarli all'immagine (dal basso verso l'alto). Come principio generale darktable applica i moduli in una sequenza predefinita. Preset

And on the right, you have a preset icon which allow you to change the groups layout.

You can either pickup an already defined layout or create your own layout with the layout manager. Default presets

darktable default install comes with a set of built-in presets.

modules: default

This preset show modules ordered in 3 groups :

Technical contains every module bounded by some physical reality: lens, sensor, in/out color spaces and various signal reconstructions (highlights, noise, etc.)
Grading contains every module to be used artistically and doing color and tones corrective and creative work (including chromatic adaptation / white balance)
Effects contain the weird kids (local contrast, sharpness, high/low-freq, retouch, liquify, etc.)

workflow: display-referred

Same groups as in the default presets with a set of modules specially adapted to the "display referred" workflow.

workflow: scene-referred

Same groups as in the default presets with a set of modules specially adapted to the "scene referred" workflow.

workflow: beginner

Same groups as in the default presets with a very short set of modules.

modules: all

Show all available modules ordered in 5 groups.

search only

Show no groups except the active one. For those who use only the search feature.

modules: deprecated

Show recently deprecated modules, which will be removed in next version. Layout manager

The layout manager allow you to create, remove, rename and duplicate presets.

Inside each presets (excpet built-in ones which are read-only) you can create, remove or move groups, define its icon and name, and set which module should appear under which group.

  • Same modules can belong to multiple groups.

  • Modules order can't be changed. They are always shown in pipe order. Temporary module addition

Sometimes you want to temporary add a specific module to a group, without creating a new preset which will be deleted soon.

If you right-click on a group icon, you'll acces to the "add modules" menu. This will create a temporary preset on the fly.