darktable page lede image
darktable page lede image

1.2. User interface

This section describes the layout of the user interface.


darktable consists of several views or modes. There are five available views as described in this section. You can switch between views by clicking the view name at the top of the right panel – the active view is highlighted – or by using one of the key accelerators:

L switches to lighttable
D switches to darkroom
T switches to camera tethering
M switches to map
S switches to slideshow
P switches to print Lighttable

The lighttable view is where images and film rolls are managed. It's also where you rate images, add tags and colorlabels, and export images among other actions (see Chapter 2, Lighttable). Darkroom

In the darkroom view you develop a single image using the available modules (see Chapter 3, Darkroom). Tethering

This view is for shooting with the camera connected to the computer and remotely capturing images that will be downloaded and shown on computer screen (see Chapter 4, Tethering). Map

This view shows images with geo-tag data on a map and allows manually geo-tagging new images (see Chapter 5, Map). Slideshow

This view shows images as a slideshow, processing them on-the-fly (see Chapter 6, Slideshow). Print

This view allows you to send images to your printer (see Chapter 7, Print).