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darktable page lede image

Lua Scripts Installer

2.3.6. Lua Scripts Installer

This panel provides an interface for installing the darktable lua scripts. The first time it is run, instructions are displayed.
Panel appearance after the first run. Usage

select action

Select an action from the list of actions.

install scripts

Install the darktable lua scripts by cloning the lua scripts repository using git. The git executable must be installed and in the user's path. After the scripts are installed, the script manager module starts, providing a point and click interface for managing the lua scripts.

The next time darktable starts, this module wont be active since the scripts are installed.

remind me later

This module will reappear every 5th time darktable is restarted.

don't show again

When darktable is restarted this module will no longer be active. If the user changes their mind and wants to use the module they can go to settings->lua options and uncheck the "install scripts dont show again" checkbox.


Perform the selected action.